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Housing Segregation and Gentrification in Chicago

By Luke McFarlane and Jhanvi Verma “The problem is in the continuous ‘solutions’ to segregation, like gentrification, that only perpetuates the issue instead of fixing it,” is what 21-year-old Christian Ortega had to say about his hometown of Little Village. Pilsen and Little Village are Latino neighborhoods situated in the West of Chicago. They are […]

Google Trends: Netflix continues to be the superior streaming platform & Coronavirus is trending over Climate Change

Disney + and AppleTV+ launched in 2019. However, Netflix is still dominating the streaming business. Disney decided to expand its business by launching its streaming services called Disney+ on November 12th, 2019. To add to that, tech giant Apple launched Apple TV+ on November 1st, 2019, another streaming service. Netflix streaming services were launched 13 years ago in 2007. Despite being old Netflix has consistently […]

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